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Mobile and hybrid app development

We have a team of professionals specialized in creating mobile applications.

Our team accompanies you from conception to final delivery, including storyboards, research, retouching, computer graphics, animation, and optimization.


Multiple functionalities

Over the past decade, the use of mobile devices has grown at an impressive rate. Every year, we see new tablets and smartphones appear on the market, always more powerful than their previous model. The number of mobile apps has also exploded. Photo taking, push notifications, geolocation, mobile payments, augmented reality: their functionalities are multiplying.

Conception and development

At Minimal, we have acquired a solid expertise in the design and development of mobile apps. We know that these applications have a huge potential to grow brands, to grow yours. A mobile app is an excellent complement to your website. By providing your customers with a richer user experience, we can help you build a bond of closeness and trust with them. Our goal: to help you seduce, convert and retain your consumers.

User needs

From the beginning of the project, we take into account your marketing and business objectives, and try to meet the real needs of your users. Our app designers and developers then combine their talents to provide you with aesthetically pleasing, personalized and easy-to-navigate iOS and/or Android mobile apps.