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minimal minimal


Think differently,
cultivate efficiency

Fuelled by innovation
and curiosity.

Minimal is a 20-employee digital marketing and advertising agency, occupying a huge loft studio in Saint-Henri, Montréal, and a converted apartment in Limoilou, Québec City. Our team is skilled at deploying large campaigns, but we have the flexibility to adapt to the many challenges of todays’ businesses.

We think differently and cultivate efficiency at every level.

Our offices

Located in vibrant neighborhoods, our offices have become meeting places where ideas, presentations and spontaneous conversations can be exchanged. The hybrid mode created a relaxed atmosphere conducive to concentration and inspiration.

Driven by our
common passion

Passion lies at the heart of Minimal. For design, communications, culture, technologies. And a well done job.

From social media strategies to new brand development, every project is assigned to members of our multidisciplinary team from multiple advertising and digital marketing agencies, based on their passion and interests.

The results are impressive when the heart is in it.

Creative digital solutions
generating results

Service that’s custom-made to meet
our clients’ challenges

Digital DNA

Our creativity is propelled by pixels, code, data and metrics. Digital is king in this increasingly connected world, and it is at the core of everything we are and do.

Humans before users

Every single metric in the business world comes from a human being taking action somewhere, somehow. We reach out and touch people through positive experiences, with creativity, respect and intelligence.

Client service as mortar

We know your reality. We’re marketing people and some of us worked the client side before jumping the fence. So we have a pretty good idea of how things roll.

Business partner over supplier

We’ve got skin in this business, too. We see the people we work with as partners. Because no one has ever proven that good creative came from a supplier relationship.

Brand ecosystem: a must

Experience has taught us that every project is unique and each one requires a specific strategy in order to attain maximum effectiveness.

Agile to the core

We get optimal results on every project by using a scrum-type process that enables constant quality control and quick processes.

Best tech tools and platforms

We keep up with technological advancements and innovations in all areas of marketing and communications, and incorporate them into our practices. We test everything, and we only keep the best.

Culture junkies

We feed on everything: pop culture, tech breakthroughs, foreign practices, Big Data, social trends, craft beer…