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3 values are central to everything we do: pleasure, courage and excellence.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re like that.

We believe that collaboration and the joy of working together are reflected in the quality and creativity of the work we do for our clients.

Costume parties, group activities, 5@7s, the biggest challenges and obstacles become fun when a team is driven by an unwavering sense of belonging.

We are digital experts committed to each other and to our clients.

Working with us will be as pleasant for you as it is for us. Promise.

The facts

What we do:

Focus on you before us
Have fun working
Often knocking it out of the park

What we stopped doing:

Under deliver
Press relations
Business cards
Piña coladas
Saturday morning meetings
Free work because that news goes viral

Meet the team

Founder, President and Executive Creative Director

Pierre-Emmanuel Messier

Vice President, Strategic Planner and Partner

David Alexandre Tanguay

General Manager of the Quebec City office and Account Manager

Dany St-Onge

Project Manager

Laurie-Anne Lachance

Chief Financial Officer

Pierre Campeau

Graphic Designer

Émilie Lévesque

Chief Technology Officer

Éric Legros
Andréanne Andréanne

Project Manager

Andréanne Poulin

Art Director

Éric Couture

Graphic Designer

Annabelle Rajotte

Art Director/UX

Kevin Ciardo

Content Strategist

Véronique Landry

Project Manager

Thomas Drouin


Karianne Guilbert

Steeve fait aussi partie de l’équipe

Au fil des années, Minimal a développé une expertise et un intérêt pour les bières artisanales. Fort de ce savoir-faire, des membres de l’équipe ont fait le pari de créer notre propre marque de bière pour en faire un projet 100% laboratoire et commercialisable.

La Steeve Microbrasserie est maintenant disponible dans 500 points de ventes à travers le Québec.

You don’t need good work but you need a good job?

Going beyond the limits

Finding the secret to the wow effect is not about standing, sitting or running a 5k on a treadmill. You literally have to move. Our team members enjoy free access to the gym as well as fitness classes. And this is not just your run of the mill yoga or Pilates classes. No, no! Dragon boat (we will explain), MMA (we’ll explain at some point), boot-camp-cross-fitting-insanity. In short, watch out. You may suffer, but you will also be slim, beach ready, and slightly sore for the month of June.

Continuous learing

We are always looking out for ways to improve our processes. We encourage learning, seminars, and of course conferences. Here or abroad. (It’s also the best way to not feel overwhelmed by your nephews and nieces, and to understand anything being said when Mathieu Dugal is speaking.)

Family spirit and WFH

Long before 2021, Google Hangout was much more popular than our conference room. Faced with this new reality, we decided to invest in teleworking and our happiness index at work (yes, we actually measure that here) was through the roof. It’s no longer the clients who are king with us (sorry), it’s the work / family life balance that rules supreme.

Accessibility above all else

Here, you quickly forget that the offices are a few minutes from the downtown core. By bike or on foot, you quickly realize that you are right at the water’s edge, especially when you see yachts with day parties every afternoon as you gaze out the office windows. Somehow, between 2 paranormal office parties, we take the opportunity for a walk on the edge of the canal or enjoy a snack at home. And then sometimes there are opportunities for testing SQDC products on pedal boats, but obviously never before a big presentation.

Working to make a difference

We are fortunate enough to be a team that’s just big enough to execute projects that make a big difference and just small enough to give its members the full chance to flourish where they want without being asked questions and without it being uber complicated.

We are always on the lookout for talent…

… and people who love functional art with a side of ramen noodles. Apply here whenever you want. You may receive a personalized message from our president, depending on his mood. But if you haven’t heard from us, it’s not that we don’t like you. It’s probably just a matter of timing or that no one has yet made room for you.

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