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Influence marketing

Influence marketing: building effective partnerships.

Influence is more than your typical influencers posting the most beautiful photos from around the world. It’s a connection to the brand. Your brand.



Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that is based on the promotion of a product or a service by a personality appreciated by his or her community. It corresponds to setting up a network that influences the behaviour of consumers during the purchase or membership process. It is very often used by advertisers in their marketing as it builds consumer trust and adds credibility to the brand.

Specialized influencers

The influencer marketing industry has grown very rapidly in recent years. It is easy to get lost as it can be complex to choose which strategies to leverage. Influencers are often specialized in specific fields and their followers follow them because they have similar interests or lifestyles. The choice of influencers is therefore very important since we want what they promote to be consistent with the rest of their content.


We can help you develop partnerships with people who are like you and who will enhance your brand. All this within the goal of getting the target to think or behave in a way that is favourable to you, by imitating or being inspired by a personality they follow on social networks. We can also establish relationships with influencer agencies in order to identify the best people for you to work with.