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2019-04-23 00:00 / Par Minimal

Easy ways to help you maximize your newsletters

With all the recent updates to the Facebook algorithm (and certainly, the panic that ensued), it’s undeniable that companies need to multiply their communication channels with their clients to ensure the right brand content and success. Newsletters are great tools: they don’t cost much, are easy to put in place and constitute  a great way to stay in touch with your fan and client base.

Are you trying to improve your newsletters’ effectiveness? Here are five rules to remember!

Have an attractive catchphrase for your subject line

Your subject line is the most decisive element of your newsletter. Think about your own email box: how many emails per day do you receive? Or should we ask: how many do you delete without even opening them? In order to be read, your newsletter needs to have a catchy subject line. You can start adopting some of the following points:

  • Opt for a short subject line (less than 50 letters)
  • Use simple words and action verbs
  • Be surprising, funny and intriguing
  • Don’t incite people to buy right away – you don’t want to look like a spam!
  • Make use of A/B testing- analyze your data and improve your next ones

Create high quality content

It’s a fact: nobody like ads. It’s one reason why your content needs to stay informative. You need a newsletter that will retain your customer’s attention, not make them run away from it! If you aim to promote a product or a service, you can for example mention why it is of interest before encouraging its purchase with a CTA (Call to Action). Here are some examples of informative content: your blog’s articles, some news on your company, useful tips on how to use your products and services, your famous clients…

Only use one CTA

The average user spends roughly less than a minute reading a newsletter. It’s for this exact reason that you should use a single CTA for your audience. It needs to be clear, concise, direct, contextualized and above all, it needs to also be transmitted across one or all of your platforms! We recommend that you put your CTA at the top of your newsletter to maximize its impact.

Optimize the newsletters for mobile

It’s a mistake that has become all too common: you build your newsletter on the large screen of your desktop computer…. And you don’t check out  how your newsletter looks like on the user end of different devices. The sheer number of people reading their emails on their phone is huge, don’t neglect this small step! Some of the most confusing newsletter elements include: the font size used, your email’s length, heavy and dense pictures which are incompatible… make sure to test everything out!

Pay attention to design and quality

Your budget is not an excuse to produce a newsletter that doesn’t look professional. You don’t have photoshop? Well, try out Canva. Use Antidote to avoid grammar mistakes (or it can become very embarrassing!). Verify your translation by an English speaking friend. Test your links. Most importantly, create content that you would personally love to receive and read!

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