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Bloc Shop


The Bloc Shop crew and Minimal are aiming for the top with a complete redesign of their site.

Bloc Shop, which owns the largest rock climbing centres in Canada, wanted to redesign its website in order to perfectly deliver its brand image, and to get support to grow its online store.



Bloc Shop’s brand image is accurate and carefully maintained. The existing website was starting to show its age and was less suited to the brand’s communications. In addition, Bloc Shop’s online store was becoming an important growth driver for the organization and needed to be properly integrated with the user experience.

Minimal has created a 100% custom website with a raw and sleek style that characterizes the brand and its product. Regular climbers will recognize the modern feel of the Bloc Shop locations. Customized features, such as an events calendar, will also be integrated into the site to encourage subscriptions and facilitate the booking of climbing times.

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