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Laurie Raphaël


Laurie Raphaël has a new look for its 30th anniversary.

Laurie Raphaël is a prestigious and well-known gastronomic restaurant in Quebec City. It collaborates with producers and artisans of the province to develop a cuisine that proudly celebrates the region. The family business was founded in 1991 by chef Daniel Vézina and his wife Suzanne Gagnon, and is now run by the couple’s children: Laurie-Alex as general manager and her brother Raphaël as executive chef and gastronomic creator.



This year marked the 30th anniversary of Laurie Raphael. The past few years have been filled with memorable stories, beautiful collaborations, know-how, talent, accomplishments, sharing, passion, and much more. It was imperative to mark this event and pay tribute to this iconic establishment in the Old Capital.

Minimal redesigned the restaurant’s brand image, proposed social media strategies and content, and conceived a new digital storefront that is clean, distinguished, and moving, allowing the user to experience Laurie Raphaël and its high-flying cuisine through their screen. The restaurant’s personality, DNA, cutlery, and interior design served as inspiration.

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