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Case Grecque


A new brand image that is both modern and inspired by ancient Greece.

Since opening its very first restaurant in 1980 on Prince Arthur Street in Montreal, Casa Grecque and its 36 locations have revolutionized the Quebec restaurant scene with its “bring your own wine” concept and its philosophy of good food at affordable prices. Many decades and locations later, Casa Grecque restaurants offer Quebecers Greek-inspired dishes, including freshly prepared grilled meats and seafood.



Casa Grecque wanted to reiterate its position as the leader of the “bring your own wine” concept in Quebec. The need to revise the brand’s projected image quickly became imperative in order to promote this renewed direction.

A brand image was developed that blends the new restaurant vision with the traditions rooted in Casa Grecque’s DNA. Minimal drew inspiration from graphic elements, such as ancient Greek appliqués, to create the new image, which was then translated into a logo, a menu, digital platforms, and even a new advertising jingle.

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