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Branding, Social Media

Familio successfully increases its brand awareness and employer brand.

The Familio clinics, located in Montreal, Boucherville, Saguenay and Nunavut, offer interdisciplinary care for psychosocial and mental health issues to adult and family clients.



Because of the wide range of services offered, Familio wanted to create a brand image that would communicate the extent of its expertise, specifically family, while conveying the uniqueness of its interdisciplinary team on the web and on social media.

In addition, due to its sustained growth, recruitment needs had to be met quickly.

A brand image (the heart of Familio) was created and deployed on the website, in the clinics, and on Familio’s various social platforms.

A global content strategy, including social networks, a blog and a newsletter, was implemented to convey and publicize the scope of Familio’s offer, its expertise, the added value of its interdisciplinary approach, its professionals and its employer brand.

Every month, the Familio community, which includes clients and potential clients, as well as network partners and professionals, can consume original content related to their interests on the platform of their choice.

Since the implementation of the new brand image and content strategy, Familio’s awareness has increased significantly, resulting in a marked increase in demand for the various services offered.

In addition, the development of Familio’s employer brand and its deployment on various platforms has allowed them to recruit several new resources in the past year for services that are in high demand. The 2021 summer season alone will have seen 15 new hires spread across the network’s four clinics.

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