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Louise Lecavalier


A new dynamic and futuristic website for the famous choreographer, Louise Lecavalier.

Louise Lecavalier is a Canadian contemporary dancer and choreographer. For many years, she was the principal interpreter of Édouard Lock’s choreographies in the dance company, La La La Human Steps



In 2008, Minimal collaborated with Louise Lecavalier to create her very first website. The flash site was beautiful, full of videos, but became technologically outdated over the years, and Minimal suggested that she redesign it.

The production of the website coincided with the completion of the editing of the magnificent documentary Sur son cheval de feu by filmmaker Raymond St-Jean. Minimal’s art director met with the film’s editor and extracted footage that supported the vibrantly coloured typographic compositions of the site. The contrast between the film sequences and the typographic compositions reveals to the visitor a very interesting harmony, which is also used in the periodic newsletter.

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