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Gregory Charles


A social media strategy fully adapted to meet the needs of Gregory Charles.

The Sommet des arts et de la musique de Longueuil (SAM) is a non-profit organization led by Gregory Charles. Its rich, accessible programming included a variety of musical and cultural performances presented throughout Longueuil. In short, SAM was a true culture hub on the South Shore.



When Minimal was charged with maintaining the website of the defunct SAM (Sommet des arts et de la musique de Longueuil), the team repeatedly attended orientation, creation, planning meetings, etc. One day, a team member asked why Gregory Charles had a low profile on social media. As often happens when managing multiple businesses, his answer was: time. There are only 24 hours in a day.

Since Minimal was already aware of the activities and the many businesses the Gregory Charles team was managing , the agency came up with a social media strategy entirely tailored to the specific style of the group’s activities. Multi-level collaborative content calendars, chains of approval, collaboration guides, decision matrices, weekly planning meetings… everything was in place for an optimal and dynamic online presence to match the Gregory Charles group’s image.

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