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Illustration brings to life the artisanal process of creating Hickson gins.

The Triani Group is a Quebec company specializing in creating, producing and distributing alcoholic beverages. After a successful first branding mandate for their IPA beers, Minimal was asked once again to create the branding for their three new Hickson gins, one of which is alcohol-free.



Given the tremendous appreciation for the IPA beer creative produced by Minimal’s design team, the challenge was to replicate that first success and distinguish Hickson gins with an artisanal, original and unexpected design.

Minimal reprised the freehand style of IPA beer packaging from the previous mandate because they had successfully distinguished these beers from the competition. A search for graphic references took the design team in several directions, starting with the Art Deco style that inspired vivid, imperfect and elastic typography to accompany the Hickson logo. For the design, the team widened its field of reference to include Art Nouveau and its elaborate floral ornamentations, and Celtic art with its interlacing and illumination. Minimal’s final result communicates the image of a product that’s been handcrafted with patience and passion.

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