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Pères Nature


A new website for Les Pères Nature, a well-established family business.

Founded nearly 45 years ago, the Les Pères Nature family business is a grocer, restaurateur, caterer, local purchasing agent and healthy food enthusiast. Its two Beauce branches offer a wide variety of fresh foods and two friendly teams.


Les Pères Nature’s website was no longer up to web standards: the information was too abundant and navigation was becoming increasingly difficult. With independent grocery stores like Les Pères Nature becoming more and more rare in Quebec, it was necessary to find a way to demonstrate what sets them apart: healthy food produced in a respectful manner and customer service that stands out for its simplicity at a time when large companies are looking to optimize, automate and robotize their operations.

Minimal has created a brand new web showcase where the information and sections are now easy to navigate. The site features soft, earthy colours and mouth-watering photos of food. Photos of actual company employees have been integrated into the site. The result is just like Les Pères nature: real, simple, and welcoming.

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