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A new website for one of the largest automotive service centre networks in Canada.

NAPA AUTOPRO is a network of more than 600 automotive repair and maintenance service centres. With a nationwide presence, the company has thousands of certified and licensed automotive technicians.



NAPA AUTOPRO wanted a digital shift to help its customers take full advantage of the services of its 600 workshops across Canada. The company specifically wanted to increase its online visibility and better meet customer needs for quality information on auto maintenance and repair.

The new website designed by Minimal has equipped NAPA AUTOPRO with a flexible digital platform where everything is accessible at the click of a button. In addition, it serves as a springboard to solidify relationships with its customers and develop new markets. The redesign of the company’s website is an important step in implementing NAPA AUTOPRO’s digital strategy because it now allows them to better present the service offering of their extensive automotive service centre network.

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