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, Step #1 of an inbound marketing strategy: attracting your target audience, Minimal

2018-08-02 00:00 / Par Minimal

Step #1 of an inbound marketing strategy: attracting your target audience

Creating an audience and having the potential to attract new customers relies on the use of complementary methods: more than just a set of tools, it’s a genuine mechanic using these tools and others from his tool box that need to be put in place to achieve your goal.

Generating web traffic to your website is crucial to its and your success. One of the most important plans is to create a good conversion rate that will likely turn potential clients into lead customers. Content is one of your vehicles for conversion. In order to develop quality content which will attract the right target, it’s essential to define, beforehand, your personas and their needs. Once your buyers’ personas have been identified, you will need to determine the right strategies to attract them.

A successful strategy for generating conversions

Feeding your blog with well written high-quality articles

To boost the traffic of a website, nothing is better than regularly posting  on your blog. Search engines like fresh content or ones which are updated regularly.

Well written high-quality articles are also a great way to multiply the relevant keywords which attract your target audience and also retain your customers’ attention.

Optimizing social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or even YouTube and Pinterest combined allow for the promotion of the website as well as its contents while also building a community of interests around a brand.

Look beyond the simple everyday use of social media, analyze the impact of your blog posts, the behavior of your subscribers while also checking out your competitors’ strategies.

Maximizing your SEO

Optimizing your web pages is essential to the visibility of your site on search engine searches and for its ranking in those search results. Using the right keyword(s) will help you attract the right visitor and reach your target audience.

An accurate optimization of the page combined with high-quality content immediately leads the visitor to your website page that meets with his needs.

PPC or pay-per-click 

Even with good SEO techniques, seeing the results of these efforts in organic web traffic rankings may take some time. The use of pay-per-click advertising campaigns not only makes you immediately visible, but also allows you to target thousands of keyword possibilities.
In addition to this, the data provided by your pay-per-click campaigns are excellent tools which show you which keywords and advertisements are the most effective in generating high quality conversion traffic to your site.

In conclusion, the implementation of all these tools, combined with a rigorous and consistent work will ensure a transition to the next step of inbound marketing: how to convert your visitors into potential customers?

Are you planning on integrating inbound marketing to your current strategy? Do not hesitate to ask our strategic experts.

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