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2022-12-16 12:43 / Par Minimal

The “Culture book”, the best friend of companies

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more boring than an Employee Handbook.

Too often the exclusive country club of process, administration and sad details fanatics, it’s all the more unfortunate that for many organizations it’s one of the first official contacts new employees have with the workings of their new professional home.

Instead of the usual documentation, think about inspiring and motivating your people. Use this opportunity to begin imbuing your new hire with the organization’s DNA and see it as the first step in solidifying their commitment to your company.

Forget the Employee Handbook and welcome the Culture book!

In your search for best practices, you’ll undoubtedly come across The Zappos Culture Book. 134 pages that head straight to the employer brand hall of fame. It’s inspiring, funny, a little crooked at times, but 100% true. Treated with an anti-corporate slant, the book is meant to be a team building tool that communicates Zappos’ DNA through what employees experience on a daily basis. Successful.

If you would like to be accompanied in the writing of your Culture book, you should know that the BonBoss organization can help you in this process thanks to a program that involves both managers and employees of an organization. If you would like to learn more about the subject or dive into this adventure on your own, we invite you to consult this most relevant reading list.

Finally, we invite you not to underestimate the relevance of writing your company’s culture book. It’s the best tool you have to bring your employer brand to life, and thus your company’s reputation. So go ahead, sit down as a team, and write your book!

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