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Measurements and reports

Our goal: to help you measure and synthesize the results of your campaigns.

Knowing how to measure and interpret media and campaign performance is critical to your brand’s digital success.


Performance measurement

The goal of an advertising campaign is to get results. Whether they translate into a sale, a visit or even the adoption of a certain behaviour, reporting is essential to determine the performance of a marketing action. It even allows measuring its evolution in real time.

Results analysis

We can analyze the results of your marketing efforts in the short, medium or long term. To do this, we look at indicators such as your digital KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in order to make improvements and thus optimize your performance. Once the actions have been taken or the campaign has been launched, we check the extent of the impact and review it. All to ensure the return on investment of any means or strategy that has been designed to generate a business opportunity.


Before even taking action, we define explicit criteria and ways to measure them. Our goal with this technique is to be able to highlight the elements that are working and identify those that seem to be underperforming. We want to make sure that the time and money you invest on the web is profitable for your company. We try to detect changes or threats as early as possible and react quickly.