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Customer journey

The customer journey: the driving force behind our thinking.

We find the best ways to make a meaningful connection with your customers.


Identify the needs

In marketing, the customer journey refers to the steps taken by a consumer between the moment he or she identifies a need and the moment he or she takes action. It also includes the path taken by the customer after the purchase or subscription. Obviously, customer journeys and the channels used vary greatly depending on the sector of activity.


What we offer is to establish the stages of your target’s customer journey in order to identify what convinces them. Our objective is to promote conversion, which means moving them from consideration to action. To achieve this, we plan the deployment of adapted means at key moments of the decision cycle in order to build a lasting relationship. In short, we take care to communicate the right message at the right time to ensure that customers consider you in their process.

Optimizing investments

We also analyze and study the evolution of the customer’s state of mind. Once we have identified this, we develop strategies to optimize marketing investments. We aim to enhance the customer experience, to satisfy their needs and to trigger them. We want to get them to take actions that will benefit you.